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Anritsu partners with DeepSig for AI-driven wireless spectrum sensing
Thu, 8th Feb 2024

Advanced AI capabilities for wireless communication systems have been enabled by Anritsu Corporation, an innovator of test and measurement solutions, with the integration of DeepSig's proven AI machine learning technology.

The radio spectrum, a crucial asset in wireless networks, requires optimal management and utilisation, especially given the scarcity of new radio frequencies for enabling 6G Use Cases. The industry is paying increased attention to the development of novel spectrum-sharing techniques, acknowledging the limitations of traditional RF sensing techniques in dynamically changing wireless environments. Consequently, more advanced monitoring alongside signal characterisation is now required.

Anritsu has taken the initiative by partnering with DeepSig, aiming to revolutionise spectrum sensing by offering a solution that combines the capabilities of the Anritsu MS2090A Field Master Pro Spectrum Analyser with DeepSig's wireless signal detection and classification software. Based on patented AI deep-learning algorithms, this software employs a deep-learning, data-driven approach, allowing Anritsu to quickly incorporate new radio signal models into their capabilities using DeepSig's machine-learning training tools.

Anritsu can now rapidly and accurately learn RF signals from diverse new sources such as drones and IoT devices. The process, which would previously have taken months, can now be completed in a matter of days. This innovation forms the foundational layer for AI-native RF sensing for 6G.

The integration of Anritsu and DeepSig capabilities heralds a new era in network performance enhancement and spectrum management. Earlier methods often struggled to operate efficiently in dynamically changing wireless environments. However, with DeepSig's pioneering AI-native wireless communications technology, significant improvements are within reach. By leveraging a unique blend of artificial intelligence, deep learning, and wireless systems expertise, DeepSig's software unlocks unprecedented gains in capacity, efficiency, and security for specialised communications and 5G Open RAN.

This transformative approach not only optimises spectrum utilisation but also enables real-time adaptation to changing RF conditions. DeepSig's innovative solutions address the limitations of previous methods, setting the stage for a more dynamic and responsive wireless landscape. Moreover, as the industry looks towards the future, the groundwork laid by Anritsu and DeepSig paves the way for the evolution of wireless technology, including the development of AI-native 6G networks.

Given the scarcity of new radio frequencies necessary for powering 6G Use Cases, the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in solving complex issues in wireless communication has never been more critical. The future of spectrum-sharing techniques will greatly depend on the development of more advanced approaches to RF sensing and the characterisation of signals.

For those interested in seeing this new technology in action, Anritsu will be exhibiting at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona, Hall 5 Stand D41. DeepSig, the pivotal partner in this revolution, will also be exhibiting at the event in Hall 2 - 2L14MR.