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DE-CIX Malaysia & Digital Penang unveil Penang Internet Exchange
Sat, 6th Jan 2024

DE-CIX Malaysia and Digital Penang have jointly launched the Penang Internet Exchange, the Penang IX or PIX. This trailblazing initiative aims to revolutionise the digital landscape of Penang and beyond. The officiation was led by the Minister of Digital, YB Gobind Singh Deo, and the Chief Minister of Penang, YAB Chow Kon Yeow. Now set as a core hub for data transactions, PIX is to play a pivotal role in advancing the digital transformation aspirations of the Penang state government.

YB Gobind Singh Deo emphasised the new Exchange's role as a catalyst in stimulating economic growth. He commented, "The strategic localisation of Internet traffic is set to attract investments, foster technology growth, and situate Penang as a principal contributor to the regional digital scene. These goals are perfectly aligned with our national novelty aimed at deeper digital connections and leadership in the digital revolution."

YAB Chow Kon Yeow, the Chief Minister of Penang, went on to laud the Penang IX as a testament to the Penang State Government's commitment towards technological advancement. He said, "Penang IX constructs a digital framework that enables our citizens and ushers us towards a state advanced digitally, perfectly aligned with Penang2030. This commitment opens gateways to economic opportunities, positioning Penang at the helm of digital evolution in the region."

Giving further details on the ambitions of the Exchange, Wong Weng Yew, Member of the Board of Management at DE-CIX Malaysia, focused on the Exchange's aim to localise Penang internet traffic. Wong stated, "Penang IX's main objective is to stimulate content localisation, which will in turn prompt the adoption of the next phase of digital applications, including areas such as IOT, VR, and IR4.0."

Ts. Ng Kwang Ming, CEO of Digital Penang, expressed support for the launch of PIX and emphasised its positive impact on the development of a vibrant digital ecosystem in Penang. According to him, the improved connectivity and decreased latency brought by PIX will enhance the overall internet experience for residents of Penang. The robust infrastructure will offer startups a resilient platform, enabling them to advance their digital initiatives more quickly.

Ts. Ng Kwang Ming anticipates that the efforts of local startups, facilitated by PIX, will open new avenues for growth and make substantial contributions to the digital economy of Penang. He said, "An enhanced connectivity and reduced latency will significantly uplift the internet user experience for all Penangites."

"The robust infrastructure will provide startups with a resilient platform, facilitating accelerated digital initiatives. The contributions of local startups are hoped to carve fresh paths for growth and significantly contribute to Penang's digital economy."

This collaborative effort represents DE-CIX Malaysia and Digital Penang's commitment to enriching the digital landscape of the region. The launch of Penang IX serves as a grade change in the local digital sector, promising to enhance digital experiences, stimulate technological growth and buoy Penang towards a more digitally advanced state.