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HFCL unveils India's first domestically produced 2 Gbps Unlicensed Band Radio
Tue, 31st Oct 2023

HFCL, in a bid to revolutionise last-mile wireless connectivity, unveiled India's first indigenously crafted 2 Gbps Unlicensed Band Radio (UBR) during the India Mobile Congress 2023.

This milestone underscores HFCL's unwavering commitment to pioneering innovative technology solutions, propelling them to a prominent position in India and globally within the UBR landscape.

The 2 Gbps UBR offers fibre-like speeds and efficient spectrum utilisation, addressing India's digital transformation challenges through dynamic radio frequency (RF) technology.

This innovation is ideally suited for 5G Radio Access Network backhauling and carrier-grade enterprise connectivity. Operating on an extended 5GHz frequency range, the 2 Gbps UBR prides itself on being low-latency, highly reliable, easy to install, and straightforward to manage, with added security measures against external threats.

This product is expected to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), potentially by up to 75% when compared to licensed or traditional backhaul solutions, thus providing a transformative yet straightforward solution for HFCL's clientele.

The introduction of the Make-in-India 2 Gbps UBR holds substantial implications for emerging opportunities in sectors such as Industrial IoT, smart cities, public safety, banking, healthcare, mining, education, hospitality, and retail.

In addition to the UBR, HFCL also unveiled its Unified Cloud Network Management System (UcNMS). This AI-powered system is designed for the seamless management and monitoring of HFCL's 2 Gbps UBR and other wireline and wireless products, delivering end-to-end solutions.

UcNMS features AI-based predictive analysis capable of anticipating issues and suggesting troubleshooting steps to prevent network disruption. It enables seamless integration and adaptation to customer requirements through Open APIs, enhancing the customer experience.

With the world increasingly adopting digital processes, there is an exponential surge in demand for high-capacity wireless connectivity. The 2 Gbps UBR and UcNMS are pivotal offerings that signify a promising future for HFCL.

Their commitment to pioneering indigenous technology solutions not only addresses current challenges but also opens doors to new possibilities across various sectors, securing their position as a key player in the technology landscape.