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Kacific awarded top honours at the PTC Awards 2024
Wed, 14th Feb 2024

Kacific Broadband Satellites Group has earned two prestigious accolades at the PTC Awards 2024: Outstanding Satellite Company of the Year and Outstanding Innovation of the Year. These recognitions solidify Kacific's leadership in the Pacific for satellite excellence and innovation. The organisation's winning streak marks the second time it has been designated as the Outstanding Satellite Company of the Year by the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC).

The PTC Awards honour significant advancements and commitment in the telecommunications and ICT sectors. Moreover, they acknowledge transformative endeavours that propel the industry forward. Kacific was recognised for its charismatic role in providing reliable satellite applications and services instrumental in bridging global connectivity. Through its revolutionary retail model, Gigstarter, it has ensured affordable internet access to remote and rural communities.

Kacific's impressive feat isn't limited to a specific region; its services span across 25 countries in Asia-Pacific. The company's satellites connect more than 500,000 users, including 3,379 schools, 378 healthcare clinics, and various critical services through innovative solutions. Furthermore, it's currently working on Kacific2, galvanising its efforts to reach new markets and potentially cover a population of approximately 1 billion. The firm's extensive network of more than 600 partners, internet service providers and distributors plays an indispensable role in its success.

Apart from being recognised as an industry leader, Kacific also bagged the Outstanding Innovation Award for its transportable Wi-Fi communications solution, CommsBox. The Pacific Ring of Fire, which faces frequent natural calamities, houses many regions Kacific's services cover. Its solutions, such as the CommsBox, become vital and potentially life-saving when traditional communication infrastructures falter during such disturbances.

The Kacific CommsBox has demonstrated its effectiveness and reliability by being rapidly adopted by entities like the Government of Fiji, Indonesia, and Local Government Units in the Philippines. It deployably offers an internet connection with speeds up to 55Mbps, ensuring quick emergency responses. In line with showcasing its commitment to industry advancements, Kacific anticipates introducing new solutions such as the Manpack and Auto-pointing Antenna this year to meet critical connectivity needs.

Upon receiving the awards, Kacific's Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Brandon Seir, expressed his gratitude while also shedding light on Kacific's vision. "We are grateful for these awards, as they affirm Kacific's role in enhancing the Pacific region's resilience and providing crucial assistance when needed most. Our innovative technology and agile business model align with our mission to connect rural and remote communities," he said. He extended thanks to the extensive network of partners, ISPs and distributors and asserted Kacific's commitment to improving the quality of life in the Asia-Pacific, enhancing disaster response and supporting communities during crises — a goal echoing the vision and mission of PTC.