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RUCKUS named Leader in WLAN Campus Networks report
Fri, 22nd Mar 2024

In a recent report released by ABI Research, RUCKUS Networks, the enterprise networking division of CommScope, has been highlighted for its outstanding contributions to the WLAN sector, especially within campus area networks. According to the report, RUCKUS achieved an overall score of 78.6, with a notable innovation score of 75.4 and an implementation score of 81.7, ranking it fourth in the competitive landscape.

The report delves into the intricate balance between innovation and implementation, positioning RUCKUS as a leader in delivering high-performance WLAN solutions tailored for the demanding environments of campus networks. These networks, characterised by high density, unpredictable client behaviour, and extensive client roaming, require solutions that are not just robust but also adaptable and innovative.

One of the standout innovations from RUCKUS is BeamFlex, a patented smart antenna technology. This software-controlled solution dynamically adapts to client movements and environmental changes, optimising RF signals for enhanced performance and range. Particularly beneficial for sectors like hospitality, education, and large public venues, BeamFlex exemplifies RUCKUS's commitment to addressing specific industry challenges.

Furthering its innovative edge, RUCKUS introduced AI-driven features such as Cloud Radio Resource Management (RRM) and AppInsights. These tools leverage artificial intelligence for automatic channel selection and in-depth performance analytics, offering a glimpse into the future of campus networking solutions where AI plays a central role in network optimisation and user experience enhancement.

The Enterprise Connectivity Forum, launched in collaboration with the Wi-Fi Broadband Alliance (WBA), underscores RUCKUS's dedication to improving connectivity across industries. This initiative aims to standardise and elevate the connectivity experience for end-users, showcasing RUCKUS's leadership in fostering industry-wide cooperation for technological advancement.

On the implementation front, RUCKUS's rich legacy in WLAN networking, bolstered by proprietary technologies and strategic acquisitions, has cemented its reputation for delivering solutions that are both performance-driven and cost-efficient. The introduction of Wi-Fi 7 APs, such as the AI-driven RUCKUS R770, marks a significant milestone in the company's journey, offering unprecedented throughput speeds and setting a new standard for WLAN performance.

RUCKUS's comprehensive approach extends beyond hardware innovations. The RUCKUS One platform exemplifies an advanced network management and assurance solution, integrating AI to automate and optimise network operations. This unified platform supports the seamless integration of IoT technologies, enriching campus networks with a plethora of applications and services tailored to enhance operational efficiency and user experience.

The report also highlights RUCKUS's strategic partnerships, notably its collaboration with Comseach, a CommScope subsidiary, to pioneer spectrum management solutions. This synergy positions RUCKUS uniquely in the market, enabling it to offer cutting-edge 6 GHz solutions and affirming its role as a pivotal player in the WLAN industry.

The ABI Research report presents a comprehensive analysis of RUCKUS Networks' impact on the WLAN for campus area networks, emphasising its balanced strength in both innovation and implementation. With a forward-looking approach, RUCKUS continues to set benchmarks in the industry, driving the evolution of campus networking solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow's digital landscape.

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