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Telia Carrier stories

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Power / Energy
SmartCIC report reveals top five 5G carriers in the world
May 2022
The Global Cellular Performance Survey also found that 5G networks are delivering high download speeds but lagging in upload speeds.
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Telia Carrier selects Ciena to boost European capacity
November 2019
“The new O-OLS from Ciena provides great flexibility and scalability, enabling us to strengthen our European network within our core transport infrastructure."
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Telia Carrier strengthens integrity of internet's core
September 2019
Internet connectivity network Telia Carrier has rolled out technology that secures critical route updates and BGP announcements across its internet backbone.
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SuperNap International
Telia Carrier launches new PoP in SUPERNAP Italia data centre
May 2019
Today Telia Carrier announced a new Cloud Connect PoP in the SUPERNAP Italia data centre near Milan, Italy.
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Managed Services
123Net forms partnership to support Michigan’s innovation drive
February 2019
With self-driving cars entering the market, the amount of data being used and generated is skyrocketing - demanding the need for more data centres.
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IT infrastructure
DATASIX accelerates performance and redundancy of Vienna data centre
October 2017
​Telia Carrier has announced it has been working with data centre DATASIX to boost connectivity and greatly increase redundancy in Vienna.
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Telia Carrier boosts network connectivity for Asia and EMEA
May 2017
Telia Carrier has boosted its connectivity capacity to Asia, the Middle East and North Africa with a new Points of Presence (PoPs) in Milan.