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Blaize partners with Korea Telecom for AI transformation
Fri, 23rd Dec 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Blaize has announced a multi-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Korea Telecom (KT), Korea's leading AI, big data, and cloud service provider. 

The strategic collaboration brings AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) edge device technical development cooperation for autonomous driving, robotics, and mobility AI vision surveillance management. 

Blaize and KT intend to coordinate, promote, and support the advancement of manufacturing and services requirements of AI development and education for on-device technology for AI market creation in Korea. 

The MoU will bolster their united relationship and foster a more robust channel for exchanging views on AIoT edge device manufacturing requirements.

KT plans to expand the development of on-device AI products at the terminal end that can minimize data usage and implement various functions to strengthen the AIoT service business that combines AI and IoT technology.  

For this, Blaize's tightly coupled software and small form factor, low power, and high-speed data processing hardware deliver an end-to-end efficient, usable AI edge workflow that will help KT expand its AIoT efforts.

Through collaboration with development hardware partners like Blaize, KT plans to commercialize specialized terminals and services, such as intelligent IoT routing equipment, micro-mobility services incorporating AIoT technology, and AIoT autonomous driving logistics transport devices for use in distribution, logistics, and smart factories.

KT is the largest telecommunications company in South Korea. The company is engaged in ICT, financial, urban broadcasting service, and other businesses. In addition to continuous growth in core businesses such as wireless communication, high-speed Internet, and IPTV, it is also generating results in B2B growth businesses such as IDC, cloud, and AI/DX.

"Our expanded collaboration with KT in AIoT edge business advances our shared understanding of technical development in some of the key Blaize markets - automotive, mobility, and smart vision," says Dinakar Munagala, CEO and Co-founder of Blaize. 

"We look forward to further extending Blaize hardware and software solutions, serving the 5G plus, MEC, and cloud-based AIoT markets."

Blaize is a provider of a proprietary purpose-built, full-stack hardware architecture and low-code/no-code software platform that enables edge AI processing solutions at the network’s edge for computing in multiple large and rapidly-growing markets - automotive, mobility, retail, security, industrial automation, medical devices, and many others. 

Blaize’s solution solves the technical problem that edge AI processing requires across those verticals - very low latency and high thermal and power efficiency - which previously relied on retrofitting sub-optimized AI solutions designed more for data centres and the cloud. 

The Edge AI and Vision Alliance have recently announced Blaize as the winner of the 2022 Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year. The award recognizes the innovation and excellence of the industry's leading technology companies enabling visual AI and computer vision in this rapidly growing field.