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Cisco enhances Cloud Observability with new business metrics for AWS
Wed, 29th Nov 2023

Cisco plans to boost Cloud Observability with new business metrics for Amazon Wweb Services, offering detailed insights into modern application performance.

Cisco has announced new business metrics for its Cloud Observability, aiming to provide businesses with enhanced contextual insights for modern applications running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

According to Cisco, the new offerings are expected to improve the application performance monitoring (APM) correlation and facilitate a clearer understanding of the relationship between application performance and key business objectives.

Traditional application monitoring tools tend to focus only on application and infrastructure performance metrics. This often leaves teams without a clear understanding of the correlation between application performance and critical business KPIs. This latest innovation from Cisco aims to provide complete end-to-end visibility into the performance of cloud-native applications. It is hoped that these insights will help businesses bridge the gap separating IT and business objectives, enabling more informed decision-making and prioritisation based on business impact.

The upgraded Cisco Cloud Observability offers support for 10 additional AWS services, all of which are now pre-integrated, extending support for AWS infrastructure services and providing deeper cross-domain visibility across the full technological stack. This will allow application owners to make connections between applications, business transactions, business metrics, and the expanded support for Amazin Web Services infrastructure services.

Alice McElroy, Director of IT Operational Excellence at Royal Caribbean, a Cisco customer, commented on the utility of such insights. She stated, "With Cisco Full-Stack Observability, we have gone from reactive to proactive.

"Cisco Cloud Observability will allow us to visualise and correlate metrics, events, logging, and tracing data so we can identify, triage, and troubleshoot problems at an even greater velocity," she says.

Senior Vice President and General Manager for Cisco AppDynamics and Full-Stack Observability, Ronak Desai, spoke about the changes, stating "By elevating business metrics to first-class status, similar to other performance-related metrics, we enable organisations to mature their observability practice by empowering technical teams to prioritie technical issues that are aligned with business outcomes."

Business metrics for Cisco Cloud Observability is now available to customers. The company also announced support for ten additional Amazon Web Services services now pre-integrated with Cisco Cloud Observability. This development will give application owners an expanded full-stack view and enhanced cross-domain insights. It provides a crucial enhancement to the process of observing the end-to-end flow of modern applications, ensuring businesses are better able to protect their revenue, manage brand reputation, and improve general digital experiences.