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Kacific launches service to combat enterprise power outages
Tue, 12th Apr 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Kacific Broadband Satellites Group has launched Enterprise Backup, a new service intended to protect organisations against frequent power outages.

Kacific says its decision comes in response to a growing interest in connectivity protection, and the service is designed to utilise the speed, efficiency and flexibility of Ka-band satellite connectivity.

Furthermore, it is the first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region.

"Fibre and communication cable cuts happen more often than most people imagine and are caused by construction accidents, natural disasters, weather, animals, or vandalism," Kacific marketing director Beatrice Mok says.

"When they occur, they turn regions and entire nations dark, affecting millions of people annually. And they represent significant unplanned costs for both governments and private sector organisations."

Kacific explains that Enterprise Backup offers organisations, factories and business branches that rely heavily on real-time business operations the ability to continue with their usual tasks uninterrupted if they are unable to use their primary internet access.

Additionally, the service includes the installation of a satellite dish at each site and provides companies with a choice of low-cost per-month, per-site backup plans dependent on their size and requirements.

The next-gen broadband satellite operator elaborates that the Enterprise Backup service is similar to an insurance premium in that a small fee is paid for the site to act as a backup.

It adds that in the event of an outage, high-speed first priority bandwidth can be immediately activated, and a fixed fee will be charged.

Advantages of Ka-band for enterprise backup include:

Higher capacity

The reuse of Ka-band spectrum over spot beams creates a higher capacity than traditional, wide coverage area satellites.

Faster speeds

Combining a high data transfer rate and small diameter antenna allows Kacific to offer upload speeds up to 20 Mbps, which helps enterprises keep their backup safe and secure, even during fibre cuts. It adds that this is ideal for companies with their data backup solutions on the cloud.

In addition, the solution also offers download speeds up to 70Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps.

High link availability

Using a diversity site for uplink, Kacific Ka-band infrastructure can achieve up to 99.93% availability, comparable to C-band infrastructure.

Simple installation

Kacific-1 signal has circular polarisation, meaning there is no need to adjust the polarisation like with many other satellite systems. This greatly simplifies the installation process and enhances the system's stability over long periods.

The announcement of this offering comes after Kacific received two significant awards at the Asian Telecommunications Awards 2022 for its commitment to underserved communities.

Award organisers and the Asian Business Review named Kacific the Company of the Year and Kacific Chief Executive Officer Christian Patouraux, CEO of the Year.

The Asian Telecommunications Awards celebrates outstanding companies whose remarkable initiatives and achievements transform customers' lives and keep the region moving forward.

Enterprise Backup is now commercially available to ISPs, telecom operators, businesses, and governments in countries Kacific serves in the Asia Pacific region.