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Mitch Locsin leads Philippines' digital transformation at PH Digicon 2023
Mon, 18th Dec 2023

PLDT Enterprise, spearheaded by Mitch Locsin, is at the heart of the Philippines' digital transformation drive. The commitment was underscored at the PH Digicon 2023, where Locsin emphasised collaboration, innovation, and transformative leadership as the keys to the nation's digital future.

Throughout his presentation, Locsin underlined the irreplaceable role of human creativity and collective vision in capitalising on opportunities provided by emerging technologies. Such technologies, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, quantum computing and an increased emphasis on clean energy, are pivotal in the transition towards a technology-fuelled future.

Locsin stressed that "technology offers vast opportunities in the face of a fast-changing world, where adaptation is no longer an option for businesses to survive but a necessity." He detailed that technology's role extends beyond being merely an instrument, acting instead as a "catalyst for growth" and a "bridge that connects today's visions into realities".

Displaying a creative application of artificial intelligence, Mitch Locsin introduced his virtual assistant, RHODA. In a novel demonstration, RHODA collaborated with Filipino rock star Rico Blanco to compose and perform a song. The theme, 'Love in the Time of AI', was suggested on the spot, underlining the significant potential for human-AI collaboration in realms of creativity.

Regarding the digital journey ahead, Locsin stated, "The Philippines stands resolute in the ambition to become the hyperscaler hub of Asia Pacific." He noted that collaborative spirit is defining this path and that combining the boundless potential of collaboration, entrepreneurial audacity, and the guiding influence of education, would predicate the success of this journey. Here, he envisaged partnership in exploring the interplay between humanity and technology as crucial.

This dynamism of small businesses, startups, and education forms an ecosystem resilient to transformation, Locsin comments. PLDT Enterprise's commitment to the startup community was underscored through the hosting of the Start-Up Innovation Challenge, where startups showcased demonstrations featuring technologies such as IoT, AI, 5G, and more.

PH Digicon 2023 also probed transformational leadership and the necessity for sustainability within digital revolution, promoting progress compliant with environmental and societal values. This annual assembly provided a platform for collaborative exploration, offering delegates hands-on experience with new technologies and networking opportunities to develop a shared vision for the digital future.

In closing, Locsin conveyed the path ahead will present challenges, but the collective determination of the Philippines would pioneer a future harmonising innovation, compassion, and unity. Onward towards a digitally-powered future Where technology propels us forward and uplifts our collective spirit. He concluded, "Remember this, technology is nothing without a person with a vision."