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Viettel IDC deploys Cloudian Hyperstore object storage for enhanced cloud solutions
Tue, 31st May 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Cloudian has announced that its Hyperstore object storage has been deployed by Vietnam telco Viettel IDC, citing the technology's flexibility, multi-tenancy and ransomware protection as significant advantages.

The services are set to bring the benefits of HyperStore's public cloud-like flexibility in order to create better solutions for customers.

Besides enhanced security and recovery services, Viettel IDC is also set to gain limitless scalability and fully native S3 compatibility for all of its internal and external customers.

The company says that its previous provider was not providing the flexibility and complete set of features its customers needed, and therefore at the recommendation of value-added distributor CSC, they enlisted the services of Cloudian as an alternative solution.

Viettel IDC service owner for cloud storage service Kien Dang says after looking at Cloudian technology, the company was impressed and believes the range of features offered can significantly assist them with efficient business operations.

“We found the Cloudian platform to be extremely robust, with an extensive feature set,” he says.

“We particularly liked HyperStore's multi-tenancy and quality-of-service features, the ability to set different access privileges and its Object Lock ransomware protection.

The Object Lock, a distinct security feature, enables users to create an immutable data backup copy to prevent cybercriminals from encrypting or deleting the data. This means that if a ransomware attack occurs, organisations can quickly recover the unencrypted backup without paying a ransom.

Viettel IDC CTO Le Xuan Que says VMware integration is also a key feature that will create better operations.

“Another benefit of HyperStore is its integration with VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, allowing us to provide persistent storage for cloud-native applications running on-premises or in hybrid cloud environments.

Viettel IDC has also deployed 2 PB of HyperStore and will add more capacity as it continues to grow.

“We have one large customer that's currently creating 110 million objects per day and expects that to rise to 1 billion objects per day in the future,” says Viettel IDC director Hoang Van Ngoc.

“With Cloudian, we're confident that we'll easily and cost effectively be able to meet this demand.

Cloudian has a significant customer base across the APAC region, providing data management software for the hybrid clouds in a variety of industries and enterprises. The company is Silicon Valley-based but has offices in ANZ, Japan, China and Korea.

Cloudian's geo-distributed architecture manages and protects object and file data at the edge, core, and in the cloud—for both conventional and modern applications.