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Data usage stories

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Kacific launches mobile app for Gigstarter end-users
June 2022
The new app will be available across 25 markets and Kacific says it will help ISPs and KADs value and understand their customers better.
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Mobile data
Vodafone NZ clocks record data usage for New Year’s Eve
January 2021
Over this New Year’s Eve, New Zealanders around the country consumed mobile data in staggering numbers, according to local telco Vodafone NZ.
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Online traffic surges as Kiwis head online over festive season - Vodafone
December 2020
“We’ve been expecting internet traffic to spike this Christmas, as people stay connected to friends and whānau using digital tools especially while the borders are closed, but this large growth is still mind-blowing."
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No surprise: Vodafone calls and data usage up as week three of lockdown sets in
April 2020
Calls and data usage on the Vodafone network remain high, according to Vodafone NZ who has released its latest network report in week 3 of lockdown. 
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Renewed concerns over use of personal data, according to survey
June 2019
“There is wide appeal for more permissions over how organisations access their identity data, and the choice to view and manage this in one secure place."
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Opinion: Why it's important to build tomorrow's 10G future today
January 2019
ADTRAN's Ronan Kelly shares his insights on how 10G in A/NZ will be crucial for enterprises.
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Ericsson CEO declares 5G “open for business” at MWC 2018
February 2018
5G has long been in development with no shortage of hype surrounding the term - but Ericsson's CEO said at MWC it is officially in the here and now.
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Orcon says average monthly data usage (currently 150MB) soon to hit 1TB
May 2017
Data. You can almost never get enough, which has made it both the bane and blessing of modern life - Orcon says usage is about to skyrocket.
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Who pays the most for iPad data?
August 2010
A new report has been released that reveals how much money each country spends on one GB of data when using the iPad.